Concrete Polishing

Prep, Grind, Polish, Expose

dan murphy polished concrete 005.jpg
Poly-Tech’s highly skilled team members and our state of the art concrete diamond grinders have many effective uses.
This includes:
  • Removal of existing floor coatings
  • Removing glue residue from tiles or vinyl
  • Floor leveling - note where the floor is to be leveled at such a volume then Poly-Tech can apply floor leveling compounds as another effective solution.
  • Provide a sound key in the substrate to ensure an unbreakable adhesion of the floor coatings
  • Decorative, industrial style polished concrete finishes.
For an exposed aggregate polished concrete finish, the concrete is ground approximately 10 days following its pour to remove approximately 5mm from the surface thus exposing the internal aggregates and mix.
Cured concrete can be lightly ground with one or more passes with the grinders to offer the warehouse style polished concrete revealing little to no aggregate (NB the more passes applied typically removes the grinders swirl marks).
All reputable concrete manufacturer’s have designer batches to provide numerous colours and effects. Both of these styles can then be protected in many ways from applying a penetrating sealer, epoxy resins or satin/gloss urethanes.

Poly-Tech will always welcome discussion with concreters to suggest ways of producing an ideal surface ready for polished concrete.

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