Roof Deck Systems

Roof Deck Systems





To ensure long term structural integrity and avoid damaging water ingress, concrete roof decks should be waterproofed with a robust membrane system.

Poly-Tech’s advanced liquid systems are now widely available in Australia considerably speeding up traditional waterproofing application times. We are now able to protect your concrete roof decks using a new European liquid applied polyurethane methacrylate material called Matacryl.

Exclusive to Poly-Tech this seamless system eradicates the requirement for welding joins that can fail in time and the use of protective boarding significantly reducing your project delivery schedule. Matacryl can be applied quickly and efficiently in and around typical roof based plant and its ultra fast cure time means you can return the surface to use again within hours.

Key Benefits Summary:

• Highly flexible with excellent crack-bridging characteristics even at extremely low temps (-20°C and below)
• Easy to apply using a roller or a squeegee
• Thixotropic version available for vertical surfaces
• Very high impact and puncture resistance
• Withstands stress and movements in the substrate
• Excellent adhesion to many types of substrate
• Good chemical and abrasion resistance
• Can be applied over a wide range of ambient & substrate temps (-10°C to +35°C)
• Can easily be repaired; excellent inter-layer adhesion due to chemical bonding
• Overcoating time not critical
• Fully cured one hour after application

Delivering projects across SA, VIC, TAS and NT, Poly-Tech are ready to ensure your next waterproofing project runs on time and on budget.