Poly550D Polyurea

Graco Reactor Polyurea Dispenser.JPG

Poly-Tech AL550D Spray Membrane is a UV light stable, non-solvented polyurethane spray elastomer based on aliphatic chemistry. It is characterized by a solids content of 100% and possesses good abrasion resistance.

Additionally it offers:

1. Convenient 1:1 (volume) mix ratio.
2. 100% solids -Zero V.O.C.
3. Fast build for very thick requirements - reduced labour and time.
4. Fast curing for quick turn around times - cost
5. Good abrasion resistance and toughness.
6. Bonds to any substrate when the appropriate surface preparation and recommended primers are used.
7. Remains flexible and is therefore very suitable to handling expansion and contraction of metal associated with climate change or equipment that is subject to movement.
8. Requires plural component application equipment only.
9. Designed for heavy-duty industrial applications where elastomeric coatings/linings are specified.

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