Solutions to Waterproofing Headaches

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Geo-Fab is an ideal solution for large scale Inground or sublevel structures whereby the concrete has not achieved the desired class finish and bug holes are evident on the surface making subsequent torch on or liquid applied membrane application almost impossible.

Poly-tech’s Geo-Fab waterproofing system is a 3 coat system based on a roller applied bituminous primer, non woven geofabric tape and our 100% solids, spray applied polyurea coating.

Green concrete can be poured in a variety of finishes. Torch on and roller applied paint on systems rely on the finish to be of a certain standard in order for the manufacturer to guarantee the system and for it to fulfill its purpose. Poly-Tech’s Geo-Fab system negates all these potential pit falls in concrete finishes, the polyurea adheres and integrates with the geofabric layer leaving a smooth, seamless and void free finish.

This exciting new system is touch dry in less than 30 seconds and in some instances can be applied up to 300 square meters in a single day*. The tape can be sprayed on to immediately. Geotextiles have a relatively smooth surface that easily absorbs polymeric materials and offers excellent adhesion for the polyurea coating. No requirement of protection is required prior to back fill. Your structure can then be ready for back fill 3 hours after application.

Our self contained spray truck contains the state of the art plural proportioner and safe operating equipment for polyurea dispersion. It contains a compressor with inline heater and material drums and our 30 meter hose lets you spray in confined spaces.

So on your next project when faced with a poor concrete finish, consider Poly-Tech's Geo-Fab waterproofing system. This new technology will ensure your waterproofing schedule remains on track, will deliver a superior waterproofing membrane, and, offer peace of mind and the comfort of Polyurea’s long term and robust technology.

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