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Car Park Systems

Protect your Car park Structure

Car Park deck surfaces pose regular concrete protection challenges. The substrate is subjected to repeated abrasion and load impact from motor vehicles and can suffer from the effects of oil/acid leaks, harmful atmospheric agents and continual temperature variation.

Car Park asset owners need to mitigate concrete cracking from natural ground movement, prevent the penetration of oils, brake fluid, chemicals and offer anti-skid properties to increase safety of the public during wet conditions.

Car Park Deck coating projects must aim to realise the following objectives & outcomes:

• Surfaces are waterproof, aggressive liquids, chemicals and fuels are prevented from penetrating into the concrete and coming into contact with reinforcing bars.
• Surfaces have a slip-resistant finish so that vehicles may travel in safety.
• They offer a high degree of mechanical resistance to the passage of vehicles.
• The systems are flexible to guarantee that surfaces remain impermeable, even if substrates settle or move slightly after applying the system.
• Easy to maintain & highly durable
• Excellent cost/performance ratio over the years.
• They have an attractive finish and different colours may be used to divide areas according to specific type of use (e.g. trafficked areas for vehicles, parking areas, pedestrian trafficked areas, checkpoints, horizontal road signs, etc.).

Poly-Tech’s range of Car Park systems means their is a solution to suit any budget. Due to their special physical and mechanical properties, our resin coatings guarantee a high level of protection for surfaces that may be adapted to suit a wide range of environmental conditions.

Choose the wrong coating and your Car Park system will stall but get it right and you can floor it with increased sales and client satisfaction.